Watch The Adventures of RoboRex 2013 Online Free

*Writers & Directors / Stephen Shimek
*Starring & Crew / Ben Browder, Ethan Phillips, Kalvin Stinger
*Length / 100min
*Quality / HD 1080p
*Formats / DVD, DivX, Xvid
*Systems / Windows (32-64 All), Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
*Review & Story / James Miller has sole single pal inside the world, his cherished complimentary retriever, Rex. But once a weird capsule lands inside the his gardens as nonetheless as a machine pup emerges, his living will not at all engagement the same. The machine pup identifies himself for RoboRex, as nonetheless as tells James that he has transpire indulge in the imminent to terminate an evil gentleman got wind Professor Apocalypse indulge in seizing far more than the world, in conjunction with his devious robotic Destructo-Cat. Now plus the aid of Rex as nonetheless as RoboRex, James embarks on a heroic as nonetheless as feeling warming exploration to except the future!